Our Services


Through The Strategic Lifestyle DesignTM, Greenville Financial Consultants empowers goal-oriented individuals to realize their life's ambitions through our combined use of experience, education, and technology.

The success of The Strategic Lifestyle DesignTM is based upon the commitment of the team at GFC Strategic Lifestyle Advisors and the ability to provide a customized set of blueprints to help clients identify and implement those strategies that produce life-changing results.

As part of the Design process, Greenville Financial Consultants addresses key elements that are foundational to your success. These elements may include:

  • Assisting you in wealth accumulation and retirement planning
  • Cash management and tax planning strategies 
  • College planning
  • Providing you with client-centered, customized investment management
  • Developing benefit packages for your employees
  • Ensuring that the business that you have built will continue after your disability, retirement, or death
  • Creating a strategy that will ensure that your estate is passed to your intended heirs in the most efficient, cost-effective manner
  • Educating your employees for optimal utilization of their benefit package and coordination of goals